Thursday, December 30, 2010


Is it to soon for Valentines Day stuff? I start early. These are some treat bags that I am selling on Ebay.
The tag has a glittered heart brad. The 2 are pearls on the right hand side.


Just some birthday cards I worked on yesterday. I love brads, so you will see alot on my cards.


I made these gift bags for my female friends at my local postoffice. I am in there everyday mailing my EBAY items and they take very good care of me. I love bringing them little gifts once in awhile.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Easy paper flowers

I found a really fast way for these flowers. I just cut 6 scallops, layered them and punched a hole for the brad. After I put the brad in, then I just took the top scallop and squished it toward the center. I did this with all the scallops but the bottom one. Then I just pushed them all down again.
Everytime I read about these flowers they would say to crumple each one separately. Who has time for that. This was so much easier and did the same thing.

new cards

Both of these cards I cut on the fold. It opens on the top. For the neck line, cut into cardstock with a circle punch, just enough to make the neck line. Then with the other color, cut alittle larger piece for the neck line.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick gift ideas

Sorry my camera is not doing a very good job.
First item "snowman soup" is the hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy kisses and candy cane for stirring. I also include for some of my friends a very small bottle of peppermint liquor for fun.
Second item I used a plastic sleeve 1" by 8". I got them from
Third item was just a large candy bar, but I made these for my son's co-workers.
Fourth item is a pillow box. It is clear and I also got them from The size on them is about 2"x4". They fit the nugget candy bars well.
All gifts would be good for teachers, co-workers, bus drivers, etc.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 x-mas cards

For this card I punched a bunch of branches, mine was a "Martha stewart" punch. I did them in all colors of greens. The only problem was I put them thru a Xron machine and I could not get all the glue to just stay on the one side of the branches. On some of the top branches I just used a dab of double sided tape. I just kept putting the branches in a circle, no order at all.

2 x-mas cards

For this card I used the "Spellbinders" mitten die. This was the 2nd largest die.

I used two different sayings for my mitten cards

1. mittens warm your hands
friends warm your hearts

2.warm winter wishes, warm winter wishes