Friday, August 27, 2010


Last night, THUR AUG 26TH, I took my first COPIC class. Thank you to KATHY "Creative Pals, Brookfield WI for your help.

I learned alot and I am going to start practicing today. It is a very expensive hobby though. I will keep you posted as to my progress.

I love the "magnolia" stamps so I needed to get a handle on shading. I did shading with markers , pencils & crayons, but wanted to know what the copic markers was really all about.

Will post some samples soon.

I spent the weekend now, working with the markers. This is what I realized and its alittle to late.
I bought 5 markers, one red, green, flesh, orange, and light gray. My thought was, for christmas cards & halloween. How very stupid I was. I needed 2 red, 2 orange, 2 green in different shades to do the shading. One light and one darker. At $6.50 a piece, that's $13.00 just to shade one color. Also, the blender pen for Copic does not blend like for other markers. It makes the colors like a watercolor effect. So, that really wasn't working for me.

Next, you have to have special paper, and the only place in Milwaukee that sells the paper is 25 miles from my house. I did buy 10 sheets when I took the class, so that should hold me.

Unless you plan on doing alot of coloring, I think your regular markers are just fine. The only thing with the Copic type paper, it does not "pill" when you go over a color. So, if you are just using a regular marker, just don't go over, and over the paper and you will be fine.

I will continue to practice once I get the other darker shading colors I need, but for now, its back to regular markers for me. I just can't afford to keep buying Copic at $6.50 each.

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  1. Hey there. Two things- I'm from the Midwest also, Milwaukee area. You can find copics MUCH cheaper online & can definitely find the Neenah copic cardstock online also.